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Here’s what some students and parents have said about Sidney:


“We want to thank you again for everything you have done to guide our son through the college application process. Of course we also want to thank you for helping him find and be accepted at his first choice school.  He is so happy and we are so proud of him.  However, your comments about our son reflect an appreciation and understanding of him that goes far beyond the critique of application essays. We know that he valued your counsel, particularly during the times when his parents had difficulty maintaining perspective.  For this, we are especially thankful!” Father of Hingham HS student attending Lehigh University

 “Thank you for your insightful and forthright advice about our application strategy and school selection. You helped to organize the process and kept us on track every step of the way. You were a tremendous resource given your knowledge about a wide range of schools across the country. Our daughter found you so easy to work with, responsive and always encouraging. We already have recommended you to our friends.” Parent of Thayer Academy student attending Vanderbilt

“I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for me Sidney – I am where I am today and becoming the person that I always wanted to be because of you. When we first started meeting, I did not know that GW even existed, let alone have it on my radar of possible schools! But you always knew that it was the perfect school for me, and with your guidance I am now happily entering into my second semester at the Elliott School of International Affairs and I could not feel more blessed. You were a taskmaster when needed, a midnight panicked call when websites were down, and always the first to cheer with me when the acceptances started coming in. I don’t think it would be possible to express in words just how much you have done for me – I proudly wear my Buff and Blue because of you, Sidney! From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Go Colonials!”  Hingham HS student attending George Washington University 

 “Thank you for ALL your expertise..caring..listening. You have helped make this journey a smooth pleasurable experience. Our son, with your help, has grown so much in the past year! Thank you!“ Parent of Duxbury High School student attending Connecticut College

“Working with Sidney made the daunting college process so much more manageable and stress free.  Her tireless efforts at quickly tracking down all of the answers to our questions were unbelievable, and the time she took to get to know our college bound daughter was wonderful.  The considerable knowledge and expertise she brought to our discussions helped guide us through the process, and her willingness to act as a liaison between us and our daughter ensured a positive experience. Thanks Sidney!” Parent of Duxbury High School student attending University of Vermont

“Thank you for all of your help over the last couple of years.  You made my college process about a thousand times easier! I’ll be sure to keep you updates on everything at Gettysburg!” Duxbury High School student attending Gettysburg College

I thought we wanted an advisor like yourself for a couple of reasons – to help us think outside the box regarding schools that would fit her and to have someone be that driving force to complete the applications.  You did both.  I had scanned the SAT books and US News and World report for schools and seen Rochester, but in that first meeting when you pointed it out again, it really reinforced our sense that it was a great school.  Having you follow the status of the application process and keep at her was priceless – keeping sanity in the household! Parent of a Thayer Academy student attending University of Rochester

Sidney kept both of our boys on track.  Her ability to connect with our sons in a laid back and at the same time no-nonsense way was appreciated by all members of our family.” Mother “I could not deal with my son’s procrastination with the application process and needed to take a step back.  Sidney stepped in and instead of a battle ground created a wonderful collaboration.”  Father of Brookline HS students attending Occidental College and Claremont McKenna College

“Thank you for all your help with our girls in their college search.  You took so much of the stress out of the process, for them & for us!! You greatly exceeded our expectations of the guidance & time you devoted to the process.  We would highly recommend you to others.”  Parent of twins from Dover-Sherborn HS attending the US Air Force Academy and Denver University

Thank you for being the “safe place” for our daughter to think about college and the road ahead: it’s such a big decision, and can be fraught with anxiety if managed poorly.  You provided our daughter with helpful structure and were a wonderful partner for the journey: listening closely, asking questions, helping her narrow her list, helping her see her own story and the unique qualities she possesses.  As parents, we could tell that our daughter trusted you, and that your process would help her stay on track–and knowing that allowed us to step back a little, to not let our own anxiety fuel an already stress-laden process, and really let it be our daughter’s process, our daughter’s decisions. Without a doubt, the senior year was calmer because of you, and our daughter gained confidence and skills that she will draw on again and again in the years to come.Parent of Winsor School student attending Georgetown University

“I want to thank you for leading/mentoring and coaching (our son) through the college process and want to convey BEFORE his ED decision comes out tonight that we are very happy with our decision to work with you and wouldn’t change a thing about the process, which is a credit to you.” Parent of a Weston High School student attending George Washington University

“With your support and guidance, the college search process, which could have been overwhelming and frustrating, became a real voyage of self-discovery for our daughter.   You helped her to work through her reactions to the colleges she visited, and to understand what she valued and wanted in a school.   In an extraordinarily supportive way, you got our daughter to appreciate and articulate her own special and unique qualities, and to communicate those qualities in her applications.  As parents, we were very grateful that you kept the process so organized–it was wonderful to have someone else managing the to-do list!” Parent of a Newton South HS student attending Whitman College

“We decided to hire you NOT with the intention that you would “get our children into college” but rather as an objective person who would guide the girls through the college evaluation/application process while at the same time alleviating stress. Both girls looked forward to their visits with you and yet understood that work needed to be done. Despite the fact that both were recruited athletes and each only applied to one school, you were instrumental in keeping them on track and avoiding stress associated with deliverables and deadlines. Every college application process involves numerous details, decision points and unforeseen challenges that must be faced in the midst of a busy junior year.  After the fact, both girls stated that they could not have imagined the process without you.” –Parent of Dover Sherborn students attending Duke University and Trinity College

“Thank you helping me sort out which colleges were right for me and for helping me find a creative essay topic that worked for me.”–Newton South HS student attending University of Pennsylvania

“We could never have done it without you!  A big thank you for all you did to make this (college) possible. You really set her on the right course and tuned her up mentally to ‘get it done’.” — Parent of a Dana Hall student attending St. Andrew’s, Scotland

“Thank you for shepherding our daughter through this process and helping her really own it.  It has not always been easy- for me (mom) especially- to keep quiet and not insist on being involved in every aspect.  She trusts you completely and values your opinion and I think that has been critical to the successful finish.”– Parent of a Newton South HS student attending Washington University

“All my girls were so fortunate to have you guide them through the college search process.  Not only was our stress level greatly reduced for all of us, but you helped them find schools that were excellent matches, giving each one the opportunity to grow, be challenged and also have fun.  It’s all about the balance!”– Parent of Duxbury HS students attending Gettysburg College, Dickinson University and Fairfield University

“Before Sidney, we found the college admissions process daunting and time consuming.  It was a continual source of conflict in our family.  Once Sidney was involved, the process flowed much more smoothly.  She worked well with our son, coaching him through the process and keeping him on task to meet deadlines throughout the year.  Ultimately, our son was accepted at a range of schools that would likely have been good fits for him, and chose one that he just loves.  Mission accomplished!”  – – Parent of a Hanover HS, New Hampshire student attending Syracuse University

 “You got her to do things that would have been torture for us.” – - Parent of Lexington HS Student attending St. Andrew’s University, Scotland

“Your unfailing cheerfulness, sage advice, and candid comments were just what the doctor ordered.” – -Parent of Lexington HS students attending Skidmore College and St. Lawrence College

“I love the many ways we connected -in meetings, email, and phone- and I so appreciated you keeping me calm and on track. I can’t believe I am going to the college of my dreams!” Wayland HS student attending Rochester Institute of Technology

“Our introduction to Sidney eight years ago was through a personal connection in our hometown of Wellesley. As the mother and father of three, we had no idea at the time that we would be working with Sidney off and on for the next eight years. In all four engagements (yes, one decided to transfer), she connected with the adolescents in spirit and vision in a way a well-meaning parent cannot. Through consistent personal contact via email and visits, she kept our procrastinator focused and on track, our anxious academic calm despite an early rejection, and our laisser- faire youngest striving for his dream when the first year of college wasn’t a fit. There is no question Sidney can connect with people, brings the best out in the teens and is a professional in the field of college selection and managing the overwhelming application process.” Wellesley MA Parent of students attending Brown, Wake and Duke

References available upon request.

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