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My Experience in College Counseling and Education includes:

>  Twenty years as an Independent College Counselor and owner of College Counseling Partners

>  Five years as Assistant Director of Admissions, Wheaton College

>  Two years as Director of the Annual Fund, Babson College

>  College Counseling Intern, Thayer Academy

>   Assistant Instructor, Dale Carnegie Public Speaking

>   President, Duxbury Education Foundation

In addition, I earned a Master’s degree in Business Administration at Boston University (’81),  Bachelor of Arts & Secondary Teaching Certification in History at Hobart & William Smith College (’77), including World Campus Afloat, Semester at Sea, and graduated from Greenwich High School (’73)

My Approach:

The college admissions process is one of the most exciting times for a family –  it can also be one of the most stressful.   My goal is to help you navigate this process as smoothly as possible — ultimately finding the place that will be best for the student.  I truly believe that finding the right school is “a match to be made,” rather than “a prize to be won.”  When the right match happens, a student has an amazing opportunity to blossom,  excel and find his/her place in the world.  I am prepared to take on this challenge with your family, and here is an overview of what I feel are the keys to my success.

1)     College Admissions Counselor Expertise

As a former college admissions counselor, I have interviewed hundreds of students and evaluated thousands of undergraduate student applications.  I possess hands-on knowledge and an in-depth understanding of how a student applicant will be viewed by college admissions offices.

2)      College Connections

In order to advise families about colleges and to help students find the right school match, one of the most important  aspects of my job is traveling to stay current on the schools. For the last twenty years  I have visited and revisited colleges across the country. My visits include meetings with admissions counselors, touring the school, catching up with students I have counseled or just grabbing a tour map and jogging around campus.  I always make time to talk with random students to find out what they like and, as importantly, what they don’t like about their school.

3)     Calm and Resourceful

My life experiences as a mother of two twenty something daughters and a mentor in various capacities for families and teens have prepared me for my role as an independent college counselor.  This allows me to be both calm and resourceful when dealing with the many personal issues facing teens and their families.

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